Among the many reasons to hire a roofing contractor with an established reputation for quality service is to avoid poor installation that will void the manufacturer’s warranty. Besides ensuring the warranty on materials, proper installation is critical in preventing future problems with the roofing system. Chip’s Roofing of Loveland has decades of experience along the Northern Front Range and we are committed to providing the highest level of service as proven by our customers’ satisfaction.

Roof Contractor LovelandOur roofing crews are highly trained and knowledgeable about each type of roofing system we offer, and we only use the best materials possible for each project. Most manufacturer warranties range from 10 to 25 years, with longest reaching out to 35 years for top-of-the-line materials. It is also important to know that most warranties require regular roof maintenance to stay in effect. When making such a large investment for your home, it is essential to hire a reputable contractor for installation so that the money you spend on quality materials is not wasted.

Chip’s Roofing of Loveland employs only highly skilled roofers, and we are so confident in their workmanship that we back up our work with a 10 year transferable warranty. When we make our initial estimate, we are also happy to discuss setting up a maintenance plan to ensure the manufacturer’s warranty will stay valid for the guaranteed life of the materials. We promise you will not regret your decision protect your home by hiring the professionals at Chip’s Roofing!