Siding Loveland

Although our company started out specializing in roofing services, we have grown to include high quality siding work with a reputation for excellent customer service and competitive pricing. Chip’s Roofing of Loveland is an established and reliable contractor that offers superior siding installation or replacement by highly skilled professionals.

Some standard features of our service are:

  • Color consultation- When choosing a material that will cover the majority of your home’s surface, it is important to ensure curb appeal.
  • Material consultation- Siding is not just exterior decoration but also protects the inner structure of your home, so investing in a high quality product is essential for longevity.
  • Attention to detail- Alignment and trimming are critical areas to pay attention to during installation to prevent gaps and other deficiencies that will effect the integrity of your siding.

Vinyl Siding is available in many different colors and textures at affordable prices. Installation is quick and easy for professionals and when installed correctly, is very low maintenance for homeowners. It is the most popular choice of siding materials on the market due to its affordability and durability.

Fiber Cement Siding is another popular choice due to its ability to retain paint better and resist damage from rot and termites that wood is susceptible to.

No matter what type of siding you choose, Chip’s Roofing will provide detailed price plans with no hidden costs and stay on budget, providing not only economical professional service but one of value as well! We are staffed by professionals who equate outstanding customer service with a high quality siding job, which is why we communicate on a frequent basis with you to keep you updated on our progress. We closely manage every project from start to finish and strive to earn your satisfaction through every step of your siding project.